Common Mistakes in Outdoor Weddings

/Common Mistakes in Outdoor Weddings
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The Love Shack at night.

The Love Shack at night.

  1. *Not enough electric power. Make sure you have enough electricity to power the DJ, food warmers, lights and anything else you need.
  2. *Too many bugs. Make sure your location is treated for bugs, especially mosquitos and flies.
  3. *Too much distance between wedding ceremony and reception locations. People do not want to walk or drive a long way after the ceremony to get to your reception. Keep it close.
  4. Cakes that melt. Don’t use ice cream or buttercream cake icing.
  5. Inadequate restrooms. Most outdoor venues require you to bring in portable restrooms unless your guest list is small.
  6. *Parking area confusing. Some outdoor locations allow parking in the grass. That’s fine as long as someone is there to direct the cars.

*NOTE: Moonlight Fields takes care of this for you.