General Information

  • We can accommodate 200 GUESTS for a wedding and/or reception. That includes parking.
  • We provide TABLES and CHAIRS for 160. No extra charge.
  • We allow only ONE wedding per day. You have the WHOLE FARM for the WHOLE DAY. (No one else will be using the farm on the day of your wedding.)
  • We have SEPARATE RESTROOMS for the bride and the guests.
  • The farm is not currently used to keep animals so EVERYTHING STAYS CLEAN and smells fresh. Your guests will not step in manure. (This is amazingly important for a farm wedding.) 
  • We treat extensively and regularly for bugs and mosquitos. (You will NOT get bitten.)
  • You can use ANY CATERER you choose. (Many wedding venues do not allow this.)
  • We have PLENTY OF ELECTRICAL SERVICE. You will NOT need to rent a generator. (No extra charge.)
  • The Love Shack is a FOOD SERVICE STATION available for no extra charge. It can be used to serve food or beverages. We have plenty of electrical power for warmers, etc. We provide a freezer, sink and more. (But if your caterer would prefer to use a serving tent, there is a place for that too.)
  • We have a LARGE RECEPTION AREA. Guests can eat on the deck of the Love Shack, backyard and patio. Or you can set up a tent. The whole area is well lit for nighttime receptions.
  • If you choose us as your wedding venue, you can take your engagement PHOTOS here for free. Use your own photographer. (Yes, free!)
  • There are 4 AREAS you can choose from for your wedding ceremony.
    • Back yard overlooking farm
    • Front wooded area
    • Barn
    • Patio with pond (smaller intimate setting)
  • You can use ANY DJ YOU PREFER but we recommend Sims Party Service. Due to noise restrictions we do not permit live rock bands.
  • We allow BEER, WINE and CHAMPAGNE. Hard liquor is not permitted on the property.
  • There are LOTS of PHOTOS PLACES on the farm.
  • Everyone married at Moonlight Fields lives HAPPILY EVER AFTER. (Yeah, we said it.)

The farm is also available for family reunions, church functions and other events.