How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

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  1. Decide wether or not you are using a tent. Tents guard against rain and hot sun but take away from the outdoor environment. If you are using a tent, rent one from a reputable company who will coordinate with the location about the set up time.
  2. Make it as convenient as possible for your guests. Think about proximity. How far is parking? How close is the reception from the wedding ceremony? Walk it off. Don’t wear out your guests.
  3. Think about the temperature. Evening weddings are cooler in the heat of the summer.
  4. Rent a generator unless you have access to adequate electricity. Talk to your DJ about what he needs. (Moonlight Fields has ample electric power for any need.)
  5. Provide beverages other than just alcohol. Alcohol is dehydrating. Also provide water, lemonade or tea.
  6. Don’t over decorate. The outdoor backdrop provides amazing natural decor. One of the advantages of an outdoor wedding is that you do not have to spend a fortune on decorations.
  7. Make sure everyone can hear. Talk to your DJ about how he will do this. Mic the minister, bride and groom.
  8. Make sure your food stations are covered. Use a food tent or an outdoor serving facility, such as the Love Shack at Moonlight Fields.
  9. Rent portable restrooms for the guests.
  10. Control the flying pests. Unless you are using a pest-controlled environment–such as Moonlight Fields–make sure you use bug zappers and plenty of Citronella.
  11. Get your permits. If you are using a public park or facility, make sure you have permits.
  12. Get a parking attendant If people are parking in the grass. You don’t want someone blocked in because people are parking everywhere.