What To Look For In An Outdoor Wedding Venue

An outdoor wedding venue is great but you need to know what to look for and look out for. There are considerations before booking one.

Here are the features you want.


Make sure your outdoor wedding venue is private. You do NOT want wandering visitors meandering through your wedding ceremony or reception. Make sure the venue is yours exclusively.

Convenient Electricity

Make sure your outdoor wedding venue has enough electric power for crock pots, warmers and anything else you caterer needs. Make sure you have convenient power for your DJ. Some outdoor wedding venues require you to rent your own generator. Not good.

Weather Plan

It might rain. We hope not but does your outdoor wedding venue have a contingency plan. Is there a barn? How about a shelter? Is there a place for a tent?

Indoor Changing Area

You don’t want to change clothes behind a tree. And you don’t want to have to wear your wedding dress to the venue. Make sure you have an indoor, climate-controlled changing area for all the brides maids and groomsmen. Make sure you bride and groom can get to the restrooms without crossing paths before the ceremony.


If your wedding is outside do you have shade? Outdoor is great but if it’s hot, you want shade.

Multiple DJ Set-Ups

You need audio support in more than one place. Many DJs only set up in one place. You need the ceremony miked. You need music playing during the reception. You need music for dancing. Can you DJ do all of this?

No Bugs

Bugs, especially mosquitoes ruin evening, outdoor events. Make sure your outdoor wedding venue is treated for bugs/flies and fogs for mosquitos. Nobody will have a good time if they get bit.

Short Walking Distance

Don’t have too much distance between wedding ceremony and reception locations. People do not want to walk or drive a long way after the ceremony to get to your reception. Keep it close.

Tables and Chairs

You can rent tables and chairs but it is far easier when your venue provides them.

Adequate Refrigeration

Cakes that melt. Drinks need to stay cold. Ice needs to stay frozen. Make sure your outdoor wedding venue provides lots of refrigeration.

Nearby Restrooms

Make sure you have clean restrooms close by. Nobody wants to walk for 10 minutes to get to the restroom.

Parking Convenience

Make sure the parking is easy. It’s best to have parking attendants so nobody gets blocked in.

Trash Pick-Up

Trash cans need to be emptied during the reception. Overflowing trash cans will not enhance your pictures. Who is designate to empty the trash and keep the restrooms clean?

All This And More

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