35 Reasons to Book Moonlight Fields

  1. Moonlight Fields is a photo paradise with multiple vantage points for gorgeous pictures.
  2. Your wedding comes fully staffed including DJ, bartender and parking attendants.
  3. You get EXCLUSIVE use of entire farm for your wedding day. No other groups will be allowed on the farm during your magical day.
  4. You can use Friday before your wedding day to set up, decorate, do a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  5. We provide all tables and chairs up to 200.
  6. We provide a beverage service building (Love Shack) with 2 refrigerators and 2 freezers.
  7. There are very few bugs or mosquitos on the farm. We treat for them regularly.
  8. We provide a bartender to oversee the Love Shack
  9. There are two great options for your ceremony. The barn for covered weddings. The gazebo area for outdoor weddings.
  10. The Twilight Barn is multi-functional. Use it for your ceremony, reception, cake and dance floor.
  11. The Bridal Suite is gorgeous and climate controlled. Adjust heat/AC as needed.
  12. The Man Cave is super cool and climate controlled. Adjust the heat/AC as needed.
  13. There is no charge for date changes. If the new date is available, no problem.
  14. The farm is conveniently laid out. There are no long walking distances.
  15. Our DJ will set up in multiple locations with multiple sound systems according to your needs. He will also be available during your ceremony rehearsal.
  16. There are multiple bridal entrance options available for your ceremony.
  17. The barn is equipped with 14 ceiling fans, two exhaust fans and five floor blowers. We can keep the air moving.
  18. We take care of trash pickup throughout your wedding and reception.
  19. The Bridal Suite restroom and Love Shack restroom is supplied and attended to throughout the day.
  20. City BBQ is our official caterer but they are not mandatory. You can choose your own caterer.
  21. Our parking attendants will make sure parking flows smoothly. We have handicap parking and vale parking if needed.
  22. Moonlight Fields was the first wedding farm in Kentucky to be permitted. Not all wedding farms have completed the permitting process. We have..
  23. Moonlight Fields is the cleanest wedding farm in Kentucky. At least that’s what people tell us. . We constantly mop, sweep and blow out every area on the farm.
  24. You can add your own decor. We understand you need to give your wedding your own personal touch.
  25. We allow overnight vehicle accommodations if needed.
  26. We win yearly awards for business excellence.
  27. The farm is well lit throughout. We have lighting galore. This place looks amazing at night.
  28. After booking you will have full access to farm leading up to your wedding day. Come take pics. Bring your family out. Take engagement photos. Once you book, you’re family.
  29. We cover the insurance. You do not have to pay extra.
  30. We are available to help on your wedding day. We help without hovering
  31. We provide lots of free decorations in our Decor Shed. We provide barrels, wooden spools and wooden tables. Come browse around. Use what you want.
  32. Use your own beer, wine and champagne. We don’t make you buy your drinks from us.
  33. 4.9 Google ranking. We encourage you to read the comments.
  34. Lori Fields, the owner, is available as your wedding consultant. If you have a question, call/text her. She has been doing this for 9 years and can solve most anything.
  35. Moonlight Fields is always improving. ALWAYS.