Behind the Scenes with Lori

Lori is the owner/operator of Moonlight Fields Wedding Farm, Kentucky’s most popular wedding farm. See what goes on behind the scenes. Lori will show out her secrets about keeping the Moonlight Fields wedding farm in spectacular condition.


Behind the Scenes with Lori on the Farm (trailer)

How Lori weeds, mulches and fertilizes trees.

How Lori starts up the fire on the burn pile.

How Lori removes leaves without raking.

About Lori

Lori Fields served in the US Air Force during Desert Storm. She was a munitions specialist in Saudi Arabia.

Lori now owns and operates Kentucky’s premier wedding farm, Moonlight Fields. She does everything from maintaining the farm to guiding the brides through their special day.

Lori has learned the secrets for everything from fertilization to mole hunting (HINT: she hates moles). You will see how she plants, mulches, digs, paints, cleans, trims, prunes, fertilizes, sprays and fixes things. You will discover her favorite equipment, tools, chemicals and personal health supplements.

And you will see new developments on the farm as they happen.