Behind The Scenes

Farm Gazebo

We pay attention to detail. EVERY detail.¬†Here is some of the stuff we do that you don’t see.

  1. We work every day to improve the landscaping. Always trimming and pruning. Constantly adding new trees, shrubs and flowering pants.
  2. We regularly fog for mosquitos and bugs. Sometimes people ask us: “Why are there no bugs?” We hate bugs and mosquitos.
  3. We trap wasps and flies.
  4. We installed an underground drainage system to keep water away from the barn.
  5. We select which types of birds that can make their home on the farm by “discouraging” birds that are messy.
  6. We track the weather like a hawk to help you make the right set up decisions on your wedding day.
  7. We pay for liability insurance so you don’t have to.
  8. We poison, gas, stab and shoot (yes, shoot) any moles who try to invade the grass on the farm.
  9. The Love Shack deck and Gazebo floor are treated with a non-skid stain. We don’t want any of our brides slipping.
  10. We treat the barn for ants to keep insects away from cake.
  11. We installed a digital door lock on the Bridal Suite changing room so that the bride can lock up anything she wants.
  12. We blow off the barn floor, patio, gazebo, bridal suite entrance and all walkways before every wedding.
  13. We clean before and after every wedding.
  14. We disinfect all door handles.

Moonlight Fields is the CLEANEST wedding farm venue anywhere.