Here are the numbers…

  1. We can accommodate up to 200 for weddings and receptions.
  2. We provide 25 round tables.
  3. We provide 200 chairs.
  4. The table diameter is 60″, seating 8 per table.
  5. We provide (4) 6 foot rectangular tables.
  6. We provide (1) 8 foot rectangular table.
  7. We provide a 4 seat bistro table by the Love Shack.
  8. We provide (2) 8 seat picnic tables under the pine trees in the family area.
  9. The main barn area is 35′ by 35′.
  10. The barn stall is 10′ by 20′.
  11. We provide an assortment of wooden table rounds and mason jars for center pieces.
  12. We provide 3 rustic barrels.
  13. We provide 1 moveable, wooden arbor.
  14. We provide an 18 cubit foot refrigerator and freezer chest in the Love Shack food service building.
  15. We provide all garbage containers and trash bags.
  16. We provide all toilet paper and paper towels for restrooms.
  17. We do NOT provide plates, cups, napkins or utensils.
  18. The reception must shut down by 10:00p.m. Trash cleaned up by 11:00p.m.