8 Questions to Ask BEFORE Booking Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

  1. Is the venue fully PERMITTED by the State of Kentucky and the county it resides in? This year the state began cracking down on wedding farms that are not permitted. Don’t make the mistake of booking a venue that might have to cancel due to non-compliance.
  2. Does the venue FOG (not spray) for mosquitoes and bugs? No matter what else you do to make your reception a great experience for your guests, they will not enjoy it if they are being eaten alive by mosquitos. And spraying for them is not enough. Only extensive fogging will wipe out the mosquito population.
  3. Does the venue provide all BATHROOM SUPPLIES? Some venues make you bring your own toilet paper and paper towels. Some do not even have restrooms. They require portable restrooms.
  4. Does the venue provide adequate ELECTRICAL service? Some venues require you to rent a generator. Make sure you understand what your electrical needs will be and how you will provide it.
  5. Is the venue INSURED? Make sure the venue carries its own liability insurance. You don’t want to be liable if someone gets hurt at your wedding.
  6. Does ONE FEE cover everything? Make sure you know the full cost. Outdoor venues are notorious for adding on additional costs. Additional fees add up fast.
  7. Will you have EXCLUSIVE use of the venue for the whole day? The venue should allow you to make last minute changes without the fear of interrupting anything else. If you decide to move everything to the barn at the last minute, then you should have the freedom to do it. Your decision.
  8. Is the venue PRIVATE? No outside visitors should be allowed. The venue should not even conduct tours on your wedding day. Your day is your day! Period.

We answer YES to all of these questions

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